WELCOME to The Wildlands Conservancy's FUNdKIDS website.  Please take some time to browse our site for information about the history of The Wildlands Conservancy and about our FUNdKIDS program.

The Wildlands Conservancy (TWC) is a non-government, not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization in California, whose mission is to preserve nature's natural beauty for the benefit and use of today's generation and generations to come.  TWC completes this mission through the continuing acquisition and conservation of some of nature's most beautiful properties.

An important part of TWC's mission is to provide free, staff-run outdoor experience programs for over 30,000 children per year. TWC also supports free day and week-long outdoor science school for an additional 60,000 children per year; primarily through grants to Orange and Los Angeles Counties' school field trip programs.

As part of this mission, TWC and Korek Land Company, Inc. established FUNdKIDS which raises and provides funds used exclusively to introduce the beauty of the natural world to disadvantaged, at-risk urban youth.  These economically challenged youth experience the wondrous world beyond their neighborhoods that includes mountains, beaches, forests, lakes and streams.  TWC has purchased hundreds of thousands of acres of scenic landscapes rich in biodiversity located in Southern California.  All of the land will remain in its natural state and open for the public to enjoy at no cost. 

It is amazing to view the reaction of young people participating in these programs especially when most have never been out of their own, often dangerous neighborhoods.  They are amazed at the natural world that is so close to their homes but has eluded them for many years.  By experiencing the outdoor environment, these youth build self-confidence, self-esteem and an understanding that they have choices and options available to them besides what they see on the streets." Michael D. Antonovich, Supervisor, Los Angeles County.

All funding for TWC and its FUNdKIDS program is from private, tax-deductible donations.  TWC does not accept government monies.  TWC will be happy to work with you in tailoring a donation to fit your financial and personal needs.  You may donate to TWC or the FUNdKIDS program.  One hundred percent (100%) of monies donated to FUNdKIDS is used to support the participation of disadvantaged youth in outdoor programs.

TWC is a conservancy that respects private property rights and does not oppose development.  For additional information about TWC, please click on the TWC Info button on the left.

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