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Conservancy Announces $14 Million Program for Los Angeles Area Youth - July 2002 (The Wildlands Conservancy)

To give urban youth a chance to discover the beauty and wonder of nature, The Wildlands Conservancy (TWC) and The Wildlands Endowment Fund are spending $14 million on purchasing and expanding outdoor education camps for urban youth. This gift includes:

$2.5 million to Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to build permanent overnigh facilities at Point Fermin Outdoor Education Center, which as operated with temporary facilities since 1948. The donation will expand program services to an additional 13,800 urban children annually.

$1 million to LAUSD to expand and remodel Clear Creek Outdoor Education Center, the oldest Outdoor Science School in United States. The funding will bring 50% increase in the number of students currently served in this residential program.

$4.4 million to benefit Los Angeles County Office of Education for the purchase and renovation of Camp Grace Valley for a year-round Outdoor Science School Program. This donation includes $850,000 for the first year of programs.

$1.5 million to Los Angeles City Department of Recreation and Parks to renovate Camp Valcrest in Angeles National Forest and to improve and expand Camp Machado at Ken Malloy Regional Park.

$4.3 million for the purchase, renovation and operation of the West Coast's premiere summer camp, Camp Bluff Lake. This summer, 31 Los Angeles area organizations will send more than 4,000 children to this camp at no cost.

Camp Bluff Lake, which will be maintained as a TWC preserve, features a 25-acre lake and Southern California's largest high mountain meadow (elevation 7,600 feet) surrounded by towering pines. At camp, children will enjoy 15 remodeled cabins, hiking, canoeing, swimming, hands-on environmental education and singing around the campfire. TWC has partnered with Outward Bound Adventures, a Pasadena-based nonprofit organization, which has 40 years experience with taking disadvantage urban youth on wilderness camping trips. To tour this scenic camp, featured in Parent Trap and Doctor Doolittle II, contact Charles Thomas at (626) 794-7697.

"Our goal is to immerse children in the beauty of wild places, the natural joy of being outdoors in a pristine environment, and to creat indelible memories of their place in nature," states TWC's executive director, David Myers.

To support ongoing programs costs, TWC has set up a FUNdKIDS account in which 100% of donations go directly to support children's camp programs. To learn more about FUNdKIDS, contact Bill Korek at 800-370-5263.