You Can Help Change a Child's Life...

Children are constantly learning how to make important decisions that affect their lives. Our own children are lucky -- they attend good schools, and travel beyond their safe neighborhoods to visit other cities, mountains, beaches, forests and lakes. Children of poverty must also learn to make important decisions in their lives. However, they do not have the opportunities to expand their horizons that our children have. In California, there are hundreds of thousands of children whose families have so little money that they have never traveled beyond their often unsafe neighborhoods. They may never have seen the ocean, much less gone to the mountains.

Some statistics: In 2001, one quarter of renter households (1 million out of 4.1 million) in California's metropolitan areas spent over 50% of their income on rent. In Los Angeles County, 68% or approximately 341,000 low income households earning $18,000 or less per year are paying more than 50% of their income on rental housing, which leaves little left over for necessities such as food, clothing, medical care and child development activities.

There are many worthy but underfunded organizations that work with disadvantaged children. TWC/FUNdKIDS works with the children they serve. TWC/FUNdKIDS pays for programs and transportation to take the poorest children out of their confined and often dangerous neighborhoods and transports them to a safe natural world that most have never seen. Imagine the impact on a child when, for the first time, they encounter beautiful mountain settings where they can walk along a stream or lake and learn about the wild animals and plants they encounter. The children return home with a new understanding of their place in this world, and they are better prepared to make decisions because their horizons have been expanded.

Last year TWC provided funding for over 40,000 disadvantaged children to attend various outdoor programs at one of several outdoor education facilities in Southern California. These include Camp Bluff Lake, Blue Sky Meadow Outdoor Science School, Oak Glen Preserve, Pipes Canyon Preserve, and Wind Wolves Preserve (see Outdoor Programs). The children's outdoor experiences last from one to five days.

We need your help to continue these programs. FUNdKIDS raises money from people like you to support outdoor education programs. Unlike other nonprofit programs,
100% of your total donation goes directly to support the children's programs; there are no fundraising or administrative costs taken out of your donation. How many children would you like to help? Just fill out and return the donation form.

If you are interested in becoming a major donor or helping in another way such as providing a funding lead or idea, please contact us at 800-370-5263 or email

How Can We Do 100% Funding?

FUNdKIDS keep the costs down to a bare minimum. All overhead expenses are covered by either The Wildlands Conservancy or Korek Land Company, Inc. Money donated to FUNdKIDS is deposited into a separate Wildlands account and is only used to fund disadvantaged children's participation in one of several outdoor/nature science programs.

Please note: Donors are welcome to visit any of The Wildlands Conservancy's various outdoor facilities. Visit their web site at for additional information.