The solution to many of our nation's serious problems (crime, over-crowded prisons, domestic violence, etc.) is to provide our children with a quality, well-rounded education.  Children are the future and we must address their needs TODAY, otherwise their futures, and ours, will be bleak.

Poverty is an evil cycle that cannot be broken unless afflicted children understand that a better life is within their reach.  More than one million children in California have never even had the opportunity to leave their often-dangerous neighborhoods, much less visit our local forests to go camping or hiking.  Instead, they stay in their often-troubled neighborhoods faced with choices like staying inside watching television or joining a gang.

Every child in California deserves a chance to experience nature, its therapeutic affects and the ensuing realization that there is a world beyond the inner city, full of choices and opportunity.

FUNdKIDS provides trips for at-risk children to escape their impoverished neighborhoods, often for the first time, and learn in an outdoor environment.  These young students return home with a dramatically different outlook on life and are better able to take advantage of opportunities for growth and self-improvement.

Outdoor educational opportunities provide the kind of experience that kids need to break the cycle of poverty by exposing them to new possibilities and better equipping them to make life-altering choices.


Michael Antonovich, Los Angeles County Supervisor

Dennis Hansberger, San Bernardino County Supervisor

Ray Watson, Kern County Supervisor